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I will inspect the property thoroughly and completely as if I was moving into the home myself.

Best Home Inspection in Cypress, TX

Welcome to Henson Home Inspections, your premier choice for top-tier home inspections in Cypress, TX. With a rich history spanning three decades, our experienced professionals have solidified Henson Home Inspections as a symbol of excellence in the field. Situated in the heart of Harris County, Cypress offers a diverse housing environment, and our team is intimately familiar with the nuances of the local real estate market.

At Henson Home Inspections, we take great pride in providing thorough evaluations that leave no aspect of your property unexamined. From the foundation to the roof, our meticulous inspections offer a comprehensive understanding of your home’s condition. Utilizing advanced technology, our cutting-edge tools and equipment ensure both precision and efficiency, delivering accurate insights into the state of your property.

Best Home Inspection in Cypress, TX

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Contact Henson Home Inspections now to schedule a comprehensive inspection that will provide you with the insights needed to navigate your real estate journey with confidence.

Some FAQs About Home & Building Inspectors

Q: How does the inspection get scheduled?
A: Just give me a call at 281-346-7699.

Q: How long does an inspection take?
A: It takes about 4 hours, but it depends on the size of the house.

Q: When will I get my computerized report?
A: I will email or fax a written report within 24 hours.

Q: Can I attend the inspection?
A: Yes. I will answer all your questions when I’m finished.

Q: Are you fully insured?
A: Yes. A licensed inspector must be insured.

Henson Home Inspections